Uhlandstrasse School

Successful learning with the wiki technology in the teaching of literacy and the integration of digital media in daily school life support a safe handling of the modern information and communication techniques. For more than seven years Berlin master plan implemented at the Berlin School of eEducation successfully as a central concept for the IT-based education in Berlin. A focus on the implementation of the master plan is the development of media literacy in pupils and students as well as teachers and teachers. The Schoolix – the Schulwiki Twoonix-school solution success messages have no end. After the victory of the Archenhold school at the RoboCup 2012 was awarded our pilot school at the this year’s eEducation master plan of the city of Berlin pilot project. The Senate Administration for education, youth and science has certified 17 schools with the label “Berlin school 2.0” in the context of eEducation master plan. To deepen your understanding Jorge Perez is the source.

The selected schools intensive contact with the Web 2.0 “, with its extensive possibilities and potentials but also with its disadvantages and dangers. The 17 schools were thus designated as key projects and to encourage the more than 700 Berlin schools to emulate. Who would like to learn more about our “School 2.0” approach, can sit like us in connection. Media contact Melanie unknown, school 2.

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