Urban Development In Bilbao

Also highlighted in the template the balance between men and women, also present in positions of responsibility. The trajectory of has accompanied urban development of cities like Bilbao, where he has carried out projects of urban regeneration of the very emblematic of the Villa, as mentioned Gas Square, next to Town Hall or the opening of the Alameda de Recalde street, after more than 100 years of unsuccessful attempts by successive municipal teams. In this same action is being done at , Avenida Ramon y Cajal, which will change the entire face of the area and give it a new value to the center of Bilbao. (A valuable related resource: us dollar). Moreover, since its activity contributes to the growth of our cities, with new housing, shops, offices, hotels and other service buildings that make up new urban areas and new neighborhoods. As an example, include the project being developed in joint venture with Building Area s of , which will be the new center of the city, and the actions being undertaken in the area of Vitoria, an extension of Alava’s capital in nature. Both projects are currently running. With regard to developments in tastes and habits of users, according to CEO, the aspirations of families remain “basically the same” two decades ago, “a three-bedroom house with garage and storage room in the city.” The space, location and light are the main aspects taken into account in the choice of housing, a decision that runs in most cases by women within the family unit, “the customer profile a woman of 35-50 years.

” Yes, unlike those years in which purchasing decisions were relatively fast, where it was all financial facilities today are stretched much more in time. In this context, “the follow-up work is essential to our business to give solution to their needs.” Gabriel Salaverry In this regard stresses the importance of quality in all business aspects of Jaureguizar: “Our customers are mostly a single purchase customers, who purchase one of the most important assets of his life, if not the most important. This implies a very high demand. “Based on all the accumulated experience and great knowledge of our real estate market, Jaureguizar raises the celebration of 25th anniversary as a further step in its growth as a company, with the publication of a special catalog which gathers their most important projects in a photographic tour. Given Jaureguizar linking to Bilbao, in our capacity as “neighbors and locals” will be held an event to be held in Bilbao, where the Society is invited in HE. Mayor of Bilbao.

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