A Little Know Navarre

The Floral community of Navarre is located to the North of the Iberian Peninsula, in a privileged side that allows you to merge variety of climates and reliefs. Credit: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala-2011. Middle zone divides it into northern mountain (with the Baztan Valley that fruitiness enveloped by mountains and towns that are home to palaces and medieval towers), (area of soft reliefs and valleys) and the Bank (landscape characterized by Plains). As they say, the Navarra name could be a derivative of the word naba which means land flat surrounded by mountains. The climate of Navarre has ocean and mountain influences (wealth of rains) and Mediterranean (extremely dry and warm summers). Navarre contains many natural areas, such as the Lizardoia Integral reserve, the Natural Park of Bertiz and beautiful landscapes in the villages of the Pyrenees, perfect for practicing mountain sports. Also highlights the Cantabrian valleys of the North of Navarre, a very peaceful occupation of very rooted customs, with a cultural heritage delicious and multiplicity of beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Greens abound in this area, the parks of the Media mirror and la Taconera, the Natural Park of Urbasa and Andia (to the West of Pamplona), the spring of Arteta, the Monte de San Cristobal, are just some of the many places of great tourist attraction.Pamplona, Navarra haber, has a vast cultural heritage. Streets, squares and historic places you can see monuments, churches and walls in the mean time. The cultural heritage of Navarre is very rich, example of this are his popular custom, their crafts and typical festivals. Among them, the San Fermines are the most famous internationally, are made in Pamplona from 6 to 14 July and were declared of international tourist interest. They are still the picturesque and attractive Navarrese carnivals. Trips to the region of Navarra are very frequent, convenient to a medieval village located 24 kilometers from Pamplona, which gather the two main tracks of the Camino de Santiago (route that pilgrims from all over Europe cross dating to the city of Santiago de Compostela), coming from France enters Spanish lands to achieve to Roncesvalles. The permanent wandering pilgrims becomes part of the landscape of the village while hard pilgrimage.The gastronomy of Navarre, is individual over the many tourist attractions that ditch this point. The same, enjoys great popularity; frieze in natural products made according to old traditional customs, like that in the North of Spain.

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