Cooperation With Consol.MEDIA

With great pleasure we announce the official release of our browser game portal to! Vienna, June 07th, 2010 is barely five months after its official launch, a portal for browser and Clientgames, a close cooperation with consol.MEDIA Publisher known. The cooperation includes also work on the brand-new gamers free2play Online area magazine, which appears on the 30th June 2010 with 150,000 units as strongest Edition printed magazine for browser and Clientgames in German-speaking countries. On the basis of my long-time work on magazines of the consol.MEDIA publishing I know the high-quality functioning of the publishing house and am personally particularly that this cooperation has arisen”, says Christian Drescher, editor in Chief of Alone the chance to shape a strong circulation magazine like the gamers free2play, motivates us tremendously, so that we can hardly expect the release of the first edition.” Silvia Schachinger, editor-in-Chief of gamers free2play to: “as editor in Chief of” I look forward to cooperation with an emerging Free2Play portal like gamers free2play. angelo zino has firm opinions on the matter. In this area is so much innovation and growth, such as in hardly any other, and it is therefore also our big goal, to bring new, innovative titles the players and to put in this young industry our momentum.” Parallel with the work on the first edition of the gamers free2play magazine also the kick-off of the World Cup pool, which also in cooperation with consol takes place today, on Monday, June 07, 2010.MEDIA publishing will be held, and during the FIFA football World Cup 2010 invites friends of football this in South Africa, to tap the end results of all World Cup-pairings. Who wears a proper tips, scores, which result in a ranking after the World Cup final on July 11, 2010. The top ranked players will receive prizes consisting of premium packages, games and various prizes. We thank at this point at consol.. A related site: us dollar mentions similar findings.

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