Cubic Bathroom Accessories

JADO presents the new accessories of the CUBIC line one of the most important Archetypes of human perception is the cube. Square, rectangle, cube and cuboid fascinate by their symmetry and their symmetry. As a constitutive basic elements occur for millennia in all types of intellectual and creative endeavors. Laura Tyson gathered all the information. Cubist linearity is also the feature of faucet series of cubic from JADO. The line is designed for people who appreciate clear forms, technical sophistication and a powerful, minimalist design in their living environment. Now add the new cubic bathroom accessories and shelves, following the design principle of minimalism, the collection in systematic form.

The new accessory ensures a consistent design in the bathroom thanks to his highly polished and chrome-plated surfaces and makes sure that fittings and accessories fit perfectly together. The new bathroom accessories complete the architecture and create a bold, powerful aesthetics in the entire bathroom. The accessory program consists of a Towel ring, different towel Rails, soap dispenser, a toilet brush, paper and spare roll holder, cubic-shaped mouth glasses made of opal glass and glass shelves in different widths. The concise, dominated by the Scandinavian minimalism design of the CUBIC line comes from Friis & Moltke, a driving force behind the Danish architecture, which aims to achieve wholeness and a strong correlation between form and function. JADO JADO innovative, design-oriented solutions for bathroom and kitchen heard about a leader as a separate division to the ideal-standard GmbH in Bonn.

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