Cultural Factors In The Development Of The Life Insurance

The cultural factors play the development of life insurance with focus on previous cultural changes a special role in the development of the life insurance. No wonder because most are customers of today socially and economically in a different world than it was 200 years ago. It is therefore not just unimportant that one every now and then in the history looks back and thought about what benefits the individual insurance have at that time offered the consumer and how they have changed. Basically, it is very important that you just look at the individual developments in life insurance. Certainly, the most important period was the period between 1800 and 1900. The 19th century was marked by a rapid and rapid development of the life insurance. In addition, the capital life insurance evolved in addition to risk life insurance. Risk life insurance offers the customers still a favorable protection at a fair price.

The capital life insurance, however, is rather suitable for the Retirement plans, especially in the long run can be completed. But how could you sell a life insurance policy the people at that time? To understand the reason for this very issue, it is worthwhile to look back in the history. Most people more or less on himself were alone at the beginning of the 19th century. Individual families lived together on the farm. Should one of the family members die, this was indeed tragic, but economically no world went under it.

This is due primarily to the small micro cosmos farm: the families were still so great at the beginning of the 19th century that they could feed more or less even. There no had to be borrowed against to finance certain purchases or entire plots. Therefore, it is also important to mention that the life insurance recorded driving, only when people began to go to the cities. The rural exodus of the 19th century is due primarily to developments in the city. The industrial revolution also played at this time a particularly important role. Because most customers wanted to wonder not only a solid hedge but also a number of different benefits, which was particularly long-term paying off. These benefits should include also the hedge a current loan. The current credit is one of the most important things that should be insured in a person’s life, because eventually, the burden falls on the family back often. So is the family not with a mountain of debt, many insurers decided a life insurance policy to offer. With this life insurance in particular those who were settled in the cities, could afford an appropriate hedge, which is paid especially in the long term. Overall, it can be said therefore that life insurance was already at that time worthwhile for the policyholder. But the history of life insurance recorded then really only ride, as there was also something that could be insured. In the agricultural world of the middle ages, there was more SERF than farmers, were It also no social need to fund a life insurance policy. Today the insurance contracts can in the Internet quickly and easily be completed and called again.

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