Environmental Challenges In The Fleet:

Clean solutions for the companies vehicles Oberhaching 26 November 2008 with an environmental program for company vehicles the GE subsidiary ASL wants to help companies to understand the environmental challenges in their fleets. The primary goal of the program is to enlighten companies about how they can reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets and economically sensible align their company car policy on the ecological requirements of the future. A related site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta mentions similar findings. The issue of resources was made it to due to an improved environmental awareness in the fleet, for a nationwide implementation, it would be needed in many places but still a further enlightenment, the company describes the current situation. The environmentally friendly fleet program of leasing subsidiary of ASL is a further initiative in the framework of the environmental commitment of GE ecomagination group\”called. The climate protection discussion is conducted increasingly in the fleet. Occur more and more requests, how you can use the own company car fleet environmentally friendly and at the same time economically to manage\”, says ASL Managing Director Ludger furling gene.

In his opinion the company realize increasingly that they can support their image and underline their commitment to an environmentally responsible use of resources. Of course also the continuing high fuel costs and the expected in the year 2010 in force any CO2-based vehicle tax had contributed to the fundamental willingness of companies to address the topic. Three-tier program since most companies currently not begin until environmental-oriented to align their fleets, it is important, to give them information and expertise on hand. The company would have to can get a clear picture of the feasibility and of the possible, furling gene explains one of the key points of the newly developed three-stage program. So, the company the equipped wool provide information to legal framework, tax aspects or the suitability of alternative drive systems as a first step.

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