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Located in the border the west of the island of Twice and, on the foot of Monte Hum, with almost 600 meters of height, is Komiza.Un Mediterranean place typically, with narrow streets and houses next to port. It even attracts the tourists by his beautiful beaches of songs rollings and a smooth Mediterranean, pleasant climate during the months of winter. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ramon Campollo, New York City. Knowledge of Komiza is had from second half of the XII.La century fishes was developed from Komiza towards all the Eastern coast of the Adriatic. The fishermen of Komiza dominated the commerce of fish of all the Adriatic and they even got to deal with the coast of the Pacific of both Americas. Komiza always has been proud of its past as town of fishermen and proof of it is in the Museum of Pesca, unique of this class that exists in the Croatia, located in the old Venetian Tower, where all the arts and traditional equipments of fishing are exhibited. Also is a one retort " falkusa Gaeta" (a species of boat), considered marine patrimony of the Croatia and that was in the Exhibition Universal of 1998 in Lisbon. Every year, the six of December, is celebrated in Komiza, according to its tradition and custom, the celebration of Santo Nikola, santo landlord of the travellers, the sailors and the fishermen.

It is the Day of the City of Komiza and in front of the parochial Church of Santo Nikola the burning fire of a boat offered in sacrifice takes place. All the history of the island of Twice is connected politically and economically with the fishing but also with the wine production, that still today is the base of the present and a vision for the future. The people are very few who have not heard speak, or who have not tasted, a Vugava wine or a Plavac Mali.

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