From Characters To Visual Brand – An Excursion To Semiotics

An interesting and errinnerungswurdiges logo is for every company and every important brand identification symbol, while at the same time mark. For this reason, every company puts a high value on their own and especially suitable logo. A good logo but is much more than just a sign of recognition. It is the recognition, recognition factor and signboard. It is also vital but often enough about the first impression of a company. Therefore the design of a logo prior to a brand or company introduction will be given special attention and designers to incorporate their creativity. But the so-designed word or figurative mark, as it is called the mark technicians also have the assignment from your customers to communicate only once and must be made palatable, so to speak. Well, if then the terminology used in the logo for the design elements at hand, have achieved even though in these graphic often used in industry is not particularly accurate. Sign and symbol, the concept of "character" is standardly in communication theory Information carrier used. Westfield may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The name comes from the Old High German of "zeihhan" and means to point. A sign is in the semiotics (study of signs and sign systems) a symbol, the meaning is assigned. Thus, every element that sent some information by its importance to the characters. Characters are also parts of fonts that are used in the logo design as much as using other representations. Characters were originally pictograms or symbols, which lost over time in different cultures, their most recognizable. The general convention but still conveys its meaning. The sign itself is therefore a generic term that can make distinctions among the others. One of the characters under the current terms is the "symbol". This is visually expressed signs that point to something. But unlike characters they have no intelligible meaning, but are composed of letters or symbols, their meaning must first be agreed. Only then they can understand the contents of the symbol and decode. Frequent application for symbols are religious or mythological terms that do not actually visualize something inaudible. This is a "pictogram" Derived from the symbols it also images whose meaning can be clearly open. These include pictograms (from Latin and Greek painted pictum = write Graphein =). These are icons, which connects the viewer with a unique concept. Means to an end here is a simplified, highly stylized graphics. It is intended by the significance, but clearly by the viewer or be easy to learn. Due to the generality of the icon is language-and culture-and can be understood by every right. The "label" or brand image called the Signet (Latin signum = sign is placed), however, not universally recognizable, but is used to identify a product or company. Historically, the Signet was initially for a carved mark used in the 18 Century, it featured then print products with the printer or publisher signs. Today, the logo, which represents around a pure symbols, a superiority of the logo. Here, the word "Signet" or the "brand image" in graphic design but also used synonymous with "advertisement" or "calling card". For it is by an abstract symbol, a reference to the company and visualized its offer. The Mercedes star, it creates even this to be so clear that no additional labeling is necessary for recognition. But this works only for a few brands, so that an additional identification of the brand image is necessary. This logo grams "or word mark is called you about the logo, a well-designed graphic logo. Logo form a kind of "writing" that results from Logo grams or verbal. The logos, (Greek logos = meaning, word and write graphein =) give it the name of the company clearly shape again. Such a confusion is possible, more or less. Logos, are thus the letter or number sequences, the abbreviation or even use the full name of a company. Examples are "Siemens" in the typeface and color, or "Volkswagen" is also in the specified font. The VW logo in the circle is as much to do so. About the term "Visual brand are" Only companies with good marketing budget in a position to establish brand image for unique identification with the company as a recognition sign. More frequently, therefore, the word mark used as a logo. But even this is sometimes not clear, so that designers often combine to design a logo logo logo grams and each other. As an example, the rotating propeller can be in white and blue with the words "BMW cite 'about it. For this is used in the industry, the term "visual brand." It should, however, like the word or figurative mark clearly and unmistakably represent the company and be easily recognizable. It is important that the visual brand will be timely brought in connection with the company and distinguishes itself from other competing brands. Especially in the field of fashion shows impressively how important brands and therefore also its identification. Whether it is the Lacoste shirt with the appropriate crocodile or the Levi's jeans with the words, visual brands in our time not only determine the identification of a company but also whether a product is purchased or not. This is the responsibility of the graphic designer that provides the visual brand and its uniqueness also for the success of the company. Author: Tomislav Bubec e-mail:

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