Hideaway In The Kaiserwinkel

Life, living and working at a high level a life worth living and working environment is the prerequisite to the permanent challenges of a demanding activity continuously and with success. People in senior vocational function occasionally tend to crowd out the responsibility themselves and own health against. Check with Albert Einstein College of Medicine to learn more. They need to win an environment in which they can quickly regenerate and new energy. A new landlord is searched for an architect in Kaiserwinkl aligned optimally tailored to these needs. The object was planned with the aim to meet the highest standards and modern requirements. Amidst an impressive Alpine landscape many in the fields of sports, nature, social and cultural opportunities. Over the years a friendly community at a high level has formed, who meet for joint activities.

The object is a house in the Kaiserwinkel in the District of Kitzbuhel on a steep hillside with optimum Align the window front to the South on the wilden Kaiser” The nearest town centre is within walking distance 5 minutes. The complex is currently used as apartment, guest unit and Office. A complete separation of 3 units is already given in the Grundrisse. The building is divided as follows: basement: House technology and basement of swimming pool ground floor: 4 garage parking in 2 units 1 music space with its own ventilation system indoor swimming pool with shower and dressing area (55,70 m m) first floor: 1 completed apartment (51.63 m m) with 2 rooms and bathroom, kitchenette, fireplace in the living room and balcony…Apartment completed time guest wing 1 (67.77 m m) with 2 bedrooms, fireplace and bath, and balcony this unit is currently used as an Office sauna with shower and separate WC, as well as fitness room (total approx. 28,87 m sq) fresh air patio washing and drying room and a storage room 2 floor: open living / dining area with open plan kitchen and adjacent Room with fireplace; a wine cellar and a pantry; Rooftop sleeping area with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 wardrobe rooms and 2 balconies, the object is extremely exclusive built and also very versatile can be used. It next to the swimming pool has its own fitness area, as well as high-quality technical equipment (air conditioning, swimming pool equipment, fireplaces (3 units), high quality kitchen equipment, bus Control Panel of technical equipment; Outdoor irrigation system, solar system, Elevator, alarm system, etc.).

The total floor area is approximately 431,89 square meters according to plans. Individual and architectural structure of the building. Above-average electrical / sanitary facilities, above-average amenities such as wall and floor coverings. ostensibly grounds. The market value according to opinion approximately 2 100 000. The unique real estate in Kaiserwinkl circumstances offered in the bidding process. The minimum price has been set with only 1 350 000. For a fast determined buyer offers the rare opportunity to purchase a high-quality object very cheap here. F. Eberhard Ostermayer

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