Huge Original Painting

New, extraordinary works by the Kustmaler Peter Nottrtt it’s possible XXXL 1 “by Peter Nottrott is not a classic living room painting. The size of the canvas painting is very fancy with 5.21 square, after all, is the ten times surface of a common living room picture quickly. An image like it’s possible XXXL 1 “creates an atmosphere of impressive, vital and is literally painted for a foyer or Conference Hall. In the center of the image, a few intense Magenta-red and yellow tones are with clear contours. You are linienhaft arranged with sparkling and untamed explosions of colour. Learn more on the subject from Related Group.

The contrary is the background with flowing, cooler blue tones in high richness of nuance. The background and the center of the image make a suspenseful counterpoint, which accounts for the vitality of the painting along with the dynamic mixed media of artist. The work invites his viewers to immerse yourself into a world of their own, imaginative color and revel. It leaves room for new ideas and Thoughts. Peter Nottrott has created more unique with acrylic on canvas as large and extra-large formats, that are presented in his online gallery. Started in realistic painting Peter Nottrott evolved through surrealism to abstract painting.

In the course of artistic development, the artist broke away from the constraints of the colors, shapes, and perspectives that characterize the realism. He has reached a high technical maturity, – complemented by a unbridled creativity has become a distinctive style. A very empathic person is Peter Nottrott, prudent and circumspect, also balanced. He has a strong, independent opinion and an individualist. Thus Peter Nottrott moves in the vicinity of the artist cliches of the non-aligned his paintings arise often from meditative moments. His paintings are mainly dynamic, powerful and intense color, other images appear quietly flowing, almost meditative. Seen in this way the painting for Peter Nottrott is a pendant his positive character, the strong inner force an addition finds in his paintings through emotion, spontaneity and a considerable vitality. Peter Nottrotty

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