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Quisiera to change to the world, but what a single person can do. How many times we have not listened to this phrase, mainly when the talk begins to turn around our planet and its problems. When we spoke of change and transformation, we generally tend to think about the external thing, in which our senses say to us that he is bad, in which read in the news and commented in the sites of fashionable Internet and cafeterias. Read more from Kenneth E. Boulding to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Nevertheless, not very often we reflected on the value of the true change, the unique one that really is to our reach: The inner change and the personal transformation. The alchemy and the famous alchemists of the Average Age reach a mythical rank at our time by their unfruitful attempts to turn current metals into gold. The reality is that, if we changed our attention of the external thing to the internal world, we would realize of which histories of these magicians and alchemists do not speak of the physical reality, but, like many histories and myths, they are symbols of deeper change. The true alchemist is the one that manages to transform its grayish and heavy ego as the lead into brilliant and valuable gold.

The true transformation does not occur in the outside, the outside only the reflected one. The change comes from inside, of deepest of the human being, who once lightened of the load of his ego, shines and shines before the eyes of the others. Pinsalo well, who says that the gold is better than the lead or the iron? What it gives the value him to gold is its shortage, its little availability and the subjective appreciation of the people. The world is little of people with the brightness of gold, because the work is not easy, who says that to change to the world it would be it. Like the old alchemist, who spent hours locked up looking for like transmuting themselves, the present humans we must enter us to shine. When sufficient people manage to extend the weight of the ego and shine like gold, without a doubt, the world will have changed. You want to change the world, there is much work that to do, beginning by one same one. Original author and source of the article.

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