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Professional New stage in which there am integrated the study OOIIO Corp and became internationalized by opening up new headquarters Alfredo Munoz, to founder of the study ABIBOO Architecture, started to new professional stage by integrating his to former architectural study OOIIO, which there am founded, with to larger financial and human capital in order to catapult the company towards internationalization, innovation, new technology and environmental awareness for customers who plows even dwells ambitious exclusively and. ABIBOO Architecture was founded with the aim of making quality architecture around the world and it global s equipped with to great infrastructure to embrace projects of international significance. To achieve this, ABIBOO Architecture expanded its headquarters in Madrid, New York and Chennai (Madras) with an international and multidisciplinary team with broad experience in the execution of complex large scale projects. Following this line of expansion, ABIBOO Architecture there are also established to presence in Seoul and Kuwait to sees closer to the clients of these geographical area ace to prerubs to possible opening of offices in these locations.ABIBOO Architecture you continue its to former tradition by working for private clientele by offering them our modern, exclusively and high quality designs for homes, businesses and leisure/cultural area, the same way ace they had been doing in Europe and America. Examples of these projects plows the homes we designed for world known people and celebrities with international prestige such ace Microsoft executives and to soccer players of the Real Madrid team.

Likewise, Alfredo Munoz there are designed spaces like the Lorraine parlor Morlote beauty where personalities like Courteous Joaquin, Beckam Victory or Shakira, among others, frequently visit to enjoy the design and contemporaneity they to offer. AT ABIBOO Architecture we continues to research and experiment with new materials and technologies ace we have donates in all the projects we had built. Within this research its worth to emphasize our obsessive quest to reflect the contemporary culture of the current discontinuous and complex society, and to break with the archaic architectural influences that proceed from the society of industrialization. Architectural The innovation projected in the synthetic-inductive design processes that eats from the PhD in architectural design of Alfredo Munoz, were the fundamental pillars in the designs made by the team of the architectural architectural firm OOIIO and remain the basis of the artistic and innovation of ABIBOO Architecture, to together with the international team of professionals that plows part of this new company.

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