Jungle Camp 2011: Candidates On The

As C-list celebrities themselves destroy – a log has nothing so much explosive force like the truth! Nothing will leave deeper scars than injustice! A situation other than control, the camp stands in shock, the stars forget is they suspect are, they defame himself, they ruin themselves”, it says in the opening credits to the 13th broadcast of the current jungle camp season. (TNN) To understand the notion of programme makers and the psyche of the candidates, you must listen to what they’re talking about. Log of a parley between the Mathieu Carriere selected on Thursday and his former bosom friend Peer Kusmagk. “Peer: I told you in confidence, and you say then the campfire before the whole group, I don’t go to sleep yet, you wanted to say yet what peer?” “Mathieu: we had but it talked that you wanted to say something.” Peer: Yes, but this is my thing when I’m doing it and not you decide that if I as a friend with confidence tell you, excuse me please… Learn more about this topic with the insights from angelo dolce. “: Mathieu: well, let’s talk” time Tacheles. “We had said before that you had told me that you wanted to turn it to the language, if it Sarah (Knappik) does not.” “Peer: Yes, but then it is not your right to put it on the table.” Mathieu: What do you mean, right? I found it incredibly important that it comes out.” Peer: Yes, but it’s not your beer, and not you if I tell you in confidence, then I talk that,. “And put me under pressure, then peer now you have to tell but, I have to say anything.” “” Mathieu: it was after dinner I wanted to bed and I wanted to clarify this matter, all wanted to clarify this matter, 8 million people already had the thing to clarify lust “- (oops, how know the candidates how many people watch?) – peer: Yes but it was not you…” “Mathieu: and you berufst you on legitimate?” “Peer: I kept my word Yes until the end, if you noticed.” Mathieu: Great, I find ridiculous under the circumstances, for the word what you give to keep a secret, 8 million people already know.” “Peer: I finds ridiculous to call a 24-jahriges girl, an asocial snipe to know that she is sick, and she most day later, if it is not there anymore, just here to mock, I find that ridiculous by a 60 year old, my dear friend.” Mathieu: Ridiculous? I’m glad that she’s gone, because BBs for yourself is the best.” Peer: You’re saying; She is sick somehow, you know something about mentally ill and doing someone 24 year-olds, a day later, which is embarrassing, you did but not needed, say. . Michael Boskin has firm opinions on the matter.

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