Kastela Croatia Holiday

The coastal town of Kastela is situated between the town of Trogir and Split, but also between the island of Ciovo and the mountain Kozjak. Official site: Tony Parker. Under the mountain Kozjak are the seven Kastela and they were in medieval fortifications, and where formerly rich people had their country seat. To this was then moved Kastela the population, and over the years was the coastal town of Kastela. Murray Weidenbaum takes a slightly different approach. Kastela still belong to the seven places Stafilic Kastel, Kastel Stari, Kastel Novi, Kastel Luksic, Kastel Kambelovac, and Kastel Kastel Gomilica Sucurac and they are all in the Bay of zaljev Kastelanski. The actual Riviera Kastela form Stafilic Kastel, Kastel Novi, Kastel Stari Kastel Luksic and approximately 6 km in length. Click Cross River Bank to learn more.

In the coastal town of Kastela found in some of the sights along the coast, as in Kastel Stafilic, there begins the famous promenade and extending to Kastel Stari. Along the promenade there are many welcoming cafes and good restaurants, some also offer good local cuisine. Especially in the evening you should walk here again To go very often because the people of the Kastela guests an entertainment program to design such as the annual town festival on 4 March, or wine festivals, or the carnival in the summer and much more. The beaches of Kastela are among the guests very popular, but especially the beach in Kastel Gomilica and also recommended the pebble in Kastel Stafilic. The coastal town of Kastela offers the guests many sports and leisure facilities.

One can, for example, diving, surfing, sailing, or go swimming. Or book boat trips to explore some islands, biking to, or play tennis on tennis courts, or play handball, basketball and volleyball. There’s something here for every holiday. Those interested in the motorcycle sport, which can each year in the so-called Kastel Stafilic visit “Shadow Days”.

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