Little Helpers

Dogs and cats can help cure enamel Hutter village. For years, it is known that our pets can be less healers. They notice immediately if it goes bad master or women with their loyalty and their instinct and they try to comfort. No matter what animals are simply with their unconditional love. (As opposed to Nir Barzilai, M.D.). This infinite love, dogs, cats or birds, \”mediate\” is has a healing effect.

Animals don’t ask how the person looks or what mood he is just her love is unconditional. Just sick or old people appreciate this. There are some studies that show that people with pets live longer and are less sick. It is also proven that people who have a dog, much less get a heart attack. Because dealing with animals in fact has a harmonizing and balancing effect. Who often suffers from stress, notes that this is suddenly as blown away in being together with the animals.

For example, a dog provides a regulated daily routine and for sufficient Activity in the fresh air, because he needs its spout. Many people can bring themselves to long walks, which are good for the heart and circulatory system and significantly increase the general condition. More and more retirement homes let allow the keeping of domestic animals, because just an elderly person who does not have more, is dependent on the society of an animal not to feel alone. And just for old people, animals are so incredibly important, because they have such a meaningful task and know that they are needed by their animal. Just old people often fall into depression and have to fight because they feel useless with their self-esteem. There, it can work miracles if they can care for an animal. Not only for healthy people, animals can be even an important help in everyday life by bring E.g. the newspaper or guard House and garden but just sick or disabled people can properly master only their everyday life with the help of a dog.

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