Managing Director Irena Fiedler

EQ dynamics in-service sales coach training will begin in May. Cameron Diaz gathered all the information. Increasingly, companies can train their seller in the profession by their superiors or from experienced colleagues. Because it is usually cheaper than to send staff on external seminars. In addition, regular short trainings are sustainable as a unique seminar visits if they are professionally planned and carried out. Verne Troyer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Against this background, the Munich training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international in early may starts a 10, in-service training for the sales coach. “Your title: emotionally intelligent guide to successful selling”. The multi-stage training is designed according to Managing Director Irena Fiedler for executives in the sales and experienced seller, whose current or future tasks is to train employees or colleagues and to train”. You purchase the necessary skills in the training, to perform this task successfully.

The sales coach training consists of four three-day Seminar and training modules. In the first, the participants deal among other things with the question: How can I build a trust relationship with other people, so that they take up my suggestions and impulses? A question that is not only at the training and coaching of employees, but also in everyday sales, when it comes to building customer relationships, of central importance. In the second module, the participants deal with their task and role as a coach. Is resolved according to Irena Fiedler, which framework conditions for a successful sales coaching are necessary. “Also discussed is the aspiring coaches must account with which fears, concerns and uncertainties, if they their pupils ‘ animate such a sale more active behavior.

Guests can also, to respond appropriately to these feelings. In the third module of the selected seller tasks and challenges in everyday sales focus. The experienced seller deal for example once again with the question, how is the (Not yet-)Customers determine which are worth a commitment; Furthermore, how to attract their interest and brings statements signed and sealed. All this with the aim of refresh the sales expertise of prospective coaches and to deepen and to develop strategies, as they can pass on this knowledge to colleagues In the fourth module concepts are designed for coaching measures. Now develop the participants Coachingfahrplane and training sequences for individuals and teams that take into account their skills and development potential. The aspiring coaches also exercise with their pupils’ making arrangements which will ensure that what you learned in everyday sales applied. For more about the training to the sales coach information those interested in EQ dynamics international (Friedrichstrasse 13, 80801 Munich, Tel.: 089/461 375-0; E-Mail:).

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