Mat Transform

The first step consists of cleaning the skin. It is necessary to always work on a clean skin. You can use your habitual product for the face, either using soaps or using creams. Hear other arguments on the topic with Argent Ventures. If you use a cream or desmaquillante product of cleaning it is super important to use a tonic later. I have the greasy skin, reason why I use a specific soap I apply and it with a face brush. Also you can use one esponjilla, although it is not imperative. These products help to activate the circulation, but they ten much well-taken care of if you have the delicate or dry skin.

Since in that case he would not be recommendable more than 1 or 2 times per week. Others including AMT, offer their opinions as well. The best ones are esponjillas natural navy and the brush of very smooth bristles. Before applying the maquillaje bottom we will have to by day apply a cream that goes agreed our your skin. This step many women skip and is a very common error. moderat/’>Wayne Holman). I use a specific cream for greasy skin and in addition I am applied a contour of anti-wrinkle eyes by day. The following step consists of applying the maquillaje base.

The purpose of the base is to obtain natural aspect covering all the imperfections. First it would be to choose the correct base according to your tone and type of skin. In the market bases of all type and textures exist. It is important to choose one of good quality, since the skin of the skin is very delicate. For it, you will have dejarte to advise by the experts of the marks. To general characteristics there are two great groups, for skins greasy oil free and dry skin. Loreal has removed to the line Mat Transform with texture mus. She is very light and it covers pores and wrinkles. The price is quite reasonable, on the 16 Euros.

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