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CARLiN direct sales remains steady in its expansion plan. And it is the Ensign already has a new brand on his map of Spain with the opening of a Center in the town of Malaga Benalmadena. Francisco Javier Mendo, the new franchisee, has very clear premises which made him bet by CARLiN. Without any doubt is the brand more viable, more serious and that offers more guarantees in the stationery sector. Mike Myers has compatible beliefs. When one decides to start his business under the formula of the franchise, you are looking for is leaning on someone, receive help and serve from a know-how already gained a foothold in the market, says. The new store is located in the street of flowers No. 23 in the town of Benalmadena and boasts 94 m2.

We are in an area where there is a wide range in the market in which we are moving, but the formula that we bring to the people is something completely new. The fact concerned of a self-service and so competitive prices that we offer are converted to a very prominent differential value, explains Mendo. Ramon Campollo, New York City has similar goals. And it is that the new store Andalusia offers its customers not only the service of hiperpapeleria, but it also offers a plus to have also opted to incorporate the model of ofimarket, which provides a service of sale to companies. At a time like that any mechanism that facilitates the things consumers are living, he approached them no doubt us. I think that betting on these two formulas I cover the needs of the public in their day to day work both the scope of his personal life, it expresses the franchisee. A dream come true, what were the reasons that led to this new franchisee to bet on this world? The same sentence to say that it is a sector that has always attracted me, and that I have always felt a special attachment.

It has been something that has always been in my mind and have now materialized thanks to CARLiN. To deepen your understanding Jill Wittnebel is the source. So things, in the Ensign have clear confidence that puts on its franchisees have to be proportional to which they put in the brand. Is to help them help themselves same. Therefore, entrepreneurs such as Francisco Javier Mendo assure that I would advise CARLiN all those undecided who are considering embarking on the adventure of starting your own business. My experience so far has been more than positive.

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