From the age of 60 should anyone even imagine doctor at the ENT and do a hearing test. They understand their neighbors with ambient noise bad? It is an interesting conversation to follow or discomfort them increasingly difficult to her roommate on the television too loud? These may be signs of an incipient deafness. From 50 years of age, the natural power of our hearing decreases continuously. It is exposed to high volumes in his profession the hearing loss can be even greater. Arthur F. Burns may not feel the same. Not only wear the hair cells of the inner ear cause these problems, but also, the auditory nerve and the hearing Center in the brain to subside at the age.

Many of those affected do not admit this – also themselves compared to -, the hearing test can provide clarity here. Untreated Presbycusis may have premature mental degradation, social withdrawal, and uncertainty in the management of everyday life, for example, in road traffic as a result. Therefore, the response is so enormously important to the Otolaryngologist at the first symptoms. Only if a hearing impairment is detected early, it can be treated successfully. Generally everyone over the age of 60 should be ear doctor as a precautionary measure see every 2 years by the neck nose. Of the ear nose and throat doctor an incipient deafness determined, which must be supplied even with a hearing aid, then be afraid not afraid! If you start too late with a hearing instrument fitting, then it can be too late. Forget time”man listening! The sooner you befriends a hearing aid, you will have more joy in old age it. Atreides Management Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach. Because one thing is certain: the hearing will not get any better in the age there is no risk at all! If the doctor recommends a hearing aid of ENT, then you can try this – as long as you need to make the decision.

Even if it should take 8 weeks. Either will provide doctor of ENT directly with a hearing aid, or on the hearing of their confidence. The insurance company takes over almost the entire cost of a hearing aid supply. “You paid of course no Mercedes, but only” a VW Polo. But a VW Polo is a good car and completely sufficient for small city trips. But anyone who hesitates and too late for a hearing aid decides which no longer cope even with a Rolls Royce on the ear. So: At the first sign of a hearing disorder doctor should be consulted on the Ent -. Contact: Dr. med. Holger Dewes, Saarlouis,

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