Pentecostal Tradition

Festival in beautiful Lake: P the night of the long shadow of Schonsee (tvo). ential-Financial.html’>Financial Solutions Lab. “It’s a story of people who are looking for their past and those who want to forget: in p the night the long shadow” author Martin Winklbauer tells of life on the border between Bavaria and Bohemia, by smugglers (Paschern) and secret lovers, of cheerful events and the hard struggle for survival. Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Schonsee OWL mountain brought the eventful history of this land in a rousing free cinema to life. Over 100 performers are on stage, and after the game, as well as in the break are paraded around the mountain Weber House old handicrafts and traditional snacks. With delicacy, as they previously existed, spoil also the Pascherwirte in the country of Schwandorf.

Information: Tourist information Schonseer land in the Centrum Bavaria Bohemia (CeBB), Freyung 1, 92539 Sadula, Tel. 09674/317, fax 09674 / 913067,,,. Our tip for the month: water bird singing an unusual, old Pentecostal tradition in Untergriesbach on Whit Sunday draw the boys and girls at nightfall in waterproof clothing from House to House. The singer, known as. Water birds”, sing song rhymes and are splashed with water in it from the Windows and balconies. The Pentecost – or water bird singing is one of the oldest traditions of the cult Niederbayerns.Information: Tel. 08593/9009-21.

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