River Trips In Germany Travel With The Crystal Ship

The Bavarian Danube the large river-Erlebniswelt Regensburg (tvo). Bayern would be a woman who would be the Danube her prachtvollster jewelry, a treasure that draws not only everyone’s attention, but also as a magnet affect more pearls and jewels. On the section between the Danube gorges at Weltenburg in the North and Passau in the South shines and sparkles the blue”like a diamond bracelet. Scenic and cultural, architectural and historical gems lined their banks and turn them into a big river adventure world. Empress Sissi did appreciate the charm of Royal flowing and traveled to the wedding with Emperor Franz Joseph I comfortably with the ship to Vienna. Today more and more guests enjoy the experience once reserved for the nobility, of luxury to slip, spoiled by one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe. There are four shipping companies along the East Bavarian Danube, with unusual offers providing unforgettable moments on the blue stream.

The cruise on which is particularly exclusive Crystal ship from Passau, which fascinated with thousands of crystals, a 12-metre-long crystal chandeliers, crystal water game and own water theatre. A trip from Kelheim through the world-famous Danube Gorge, the narrowest point of the Bavarian Danube, plunge the passengers in a wonderful, original natural world and bring them to the oldest Bavarian monastery world castle with its Baroque Asamkirche. Of Regensburg from the ships to the Walhalla, the Temple of glory the Germans put”off or controlling Germany’s smallest wine-growing area with the Baier Wine Museum in the village of Brook. “From Deggendorf, you can enjoy the ISAR River estuary nature reserve with the ship with its wealth of rare plants and animals and in the House on the river” in Untergriesbach in the Passauer land the water next to the eye appeals to all other senses. Wonderful and eventful opens up not only on the stream. With its picturesque old town core, churches and museums, boutiques and lively flair, each of the East Bavarian cities worth a shore leave. Adam Neumann is often quoted on this topic. A lot Nature, varied landscapes, vibrant cities with a long history, spectacular monuments, magnificent monasteries and an almost unlimited range of leisure activities. The possibilities for vacation and leisure activities on the Danube’s new brochure from Regensburg to Passau – the Bavarian Danube informed”, available free of charge at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association E.v.

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