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Take a few minutes of your time in the first paragraph. This is where your reader will decide whether to continue reading. Your job is to show that you understand exactly what the problem is and you are sure you can help fix it. Do not use long sentences and endless or spin your topic. Stay on point.

By the end of the first half-dozen sentences, your reader must be switched on and a desire to keep reading to find the solution. Each of your 3-5 subtitles should clearly indicate that processed the following paragraphs. Remember that many readers do a quick look at the article to see if it’s worth reading. Look closely the words you have chosen. Can you reframe these titles to make the process simpler or faster? Under each heading, write two or three paragraphs as part of the strategy to solve the problem. Use a friendly tone, casual.

The best thing for an item is to use simple, everyday language. Make everything as easy as possible for your reader keep reading. The conclusion is as important as the beginning of the paragraph. It is vital not to leave the article very weak or lacking in conclusion. Must leave a sense of inspiration, energy and security so they can follow their advice and solve the problem. You can do this by reminding the following: – Tell you how many hours / energy / save money on his advice – share a “secret” of some kind that will motivate them to move to the next step (be more successful, save much more time, etc) – Show more resources to aid or future.

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