SIMfix Flat Rate Vs. Congstar Flat Rate

What distinguishes these two mobile Flatrate tariffs? There is mobile phone tariffs now like sand on the sea. Almost every day there are new tariffs which present us the provider. Recently only Congstar start with a Vereinfacherung of the fare structure. The former mobile flat rate construction kit is now no longer possible. Customers could put together at that time their mobile flat rate according to taste.

In the meantime Congstar offers fares only 2 mobile flat rate. The first flat rate is a mobile Flatrate for the German fixed and monthly costs 9.99 euros. The second flat rate is a mobile flat in all networks for 69.99 EUR per month. Besides Congstar, the mobile radio discount stores simply has advanced its product range. Edward Minskoff spoke with conviction. Under the new name SIMfix, simply presented 3 different flat rate tariffs. A fixed flat rate for monthly 9.95 euro, a combination flat for calls to German landlines and to SIMfix 12,95 EUR per month and a mobile flat rate to all networks for 59,95 EUR per month. Thus the SIMfix is the currently best available deal for mobile flat rate offer Tariffs. Also the price per minute is lower in comparison with Congstar.

Outside their flat rate mobile, Congstar customers pay a minute price of 19 cents per minute. SIMfix customers, however, pay only 18 cents per minute. In the area of minimum contract period, Congstar can score again. Congstar has no minimum contract term. SIMfix would like to retain the customers however like for 3 months at the company. Checking article sources yields Daryl Katz, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. Then, the customer may terminate but daily. As can be seen, there are now many mobile Flatrate tariffs in the German mobile market. It is advisable, before conclusion of the contract a mobile flat rate to make comparison. This comparison lists open all advantages and disadvantages of such mobile flat rate offers. Christopher Heinsius

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