South Korean Government

With more military attacks warning North Korea ceased to openly view your position before the joint maneuvers between the United States. UU. and Korea South, once the Government of Pyongiang launched an artillery attack to the Yeonpyeong island near the disputed maritime border, which left four South Korean soldiers dead. Meanwhile, the South Korean Government saw the resignation of his Defense Minister as a response to criticism that questioned the absence of a more forceful position before the attack coming. Check with thrivent to learn more. This news was enunciated in the midst of historical tensions that in recent days seem to arrive at highest confrontational bumpers, because Seoul Government further reported that he would increase quite considerably the presence of its troops on the Yeonpyeong Island to avoid new possible aggression from its neighbor. China’s position, which is decisive in this conflict, has been cautious and has not shown signs of wanting to intervene directly in the confrontation despite being the main ally strategic of North Korea. North America, however, in both main ally of South Korea has decided to continue its military exercises in the area that will count with the presence of the aircraft carrier George Washington in the coming days.

The Beijing Government despite his cautious attitude has given to understand that the military exercises between the United States.UU. and Korea of the South in waters that historically have been crossed by the tension are a cause for concern for Chinese authorities. No doubt this event will open a new chapter in relations between the two powers in greater incidence in the area, China and North America, also having the backdrop of the voltage generated between these two Nations due to the allegedly improper cancellation of American debt bonds to the Government Chinese, which said not willing to tolerate situations of this nature.

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