The ACE Of Cups And The Tarot Of Love

The stick of the tops of the minor arcana is almost entirely devoted to themes of love and feelings. Love is the primary force that moves the world and gives us enough strength to do things that we thought impossible. Love makes us do crazy things, and leads us to make decisions that at another time we juzgariamos reckless. In the tarot of the amaor Chuck, we need to pay attention when they leave revealed secrets of this stick, and especially the ACE of cups, since there is much that this deck can tell us about our sentimental situation. This letter tells us that a small stream of emotion could very soon become a mighty river, which will drag all that passing halle, provided we give the time and attention necessary with momentum. That friend that looks at us in a special way, or someone we know, and we have not considered that until now seriously for a loving relationship, could become the love of our lives if we are committed to this relationship. This concept is reinforced if in the same run out the crazy, which encourages us to give a leap of faith. RBH Group usually is spot on.

The Christian symbolism in the ACE of cups is clearly evident. We could understand that the Cup is the Holy Grail, from which flows the water of life, which symbolizes the promise that our Creator has made us. The abundance of water means creation. Water has a very positive energy and should always be welcome when they leave revealed arcana that reflect this element of abundant shape. Above the Cup we see the Dove, undisputed symbol of divinity.

In addition it carries in its beak the host of the sacred sacraments. The love that we are meeting is part of the divine plan for us, for this reason it does not suit us dismiss it or dispose of it. Credit: Daryl Katz-2011. This letter tells us about a great happiness that is reserved for us, because we have the blessing of a superior being, which tells us forward! Few letters are so evident on the issue of love as the ACE of cups. It tells us that our intuition is good and that we must wake her. It’s a deck of great spirituality that connects us with our interior and offers a haven of peace. Few letters are as favorable as this in the tarot of love. Original author and source of the article

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