The Secret Of The Law Of Attraction

In recent months we have been able to hear and read in all media: articles, videos, presentations on the big secret. All this we owe it to a movie (and book) called El secret de Rhonda Byrne. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with morgan stanley. This film reminds us that everything in our world is based on the law of attraction. Get all the facts and insights with Cross River Bank, another great source of information. The secret reveals some forms of attracting what you want to experience and enjoy in this life: health, money, success, abundance and prosperity, the ideal partner for us the secret to which the film refers is the Universal law of attraction. Everything that comes into your life is because you’ve attracted.

In this way your current life is a reflection of your past thoughts. This law always has existed and always will exist. It has been discovered and observed through time by groups of people such as scientists, thinkers, writers, artists, and, used by the great rulers who have used it in various ways to attract towards them what they wanted: money, fame, success, power This secret, and above all its techniques, have been carefully saved by certain groups that prohibit that its members notifying it to outsiders to them or the public in general. urce. The secret film has spread information about how to use this Universal law consciously and thus give the population the possibility of using it, she also, so that each one learn how to attract what you want into your life. With this knowledge you can make changes you want in your life. Why do you think that 1% of the population owns 96% of the world’s wealth? Coincidence? No, it is not coincidence.

This 1% know the power and the law of attraction techniques. The law of attraction is based on the following premise: like attracts like. So if you have thoughts of poverty, scarcity, injustice, fear attract more thoughts of the same and therefore situations that materialized these beliefs.

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