The Tarot

Each secret is a series of archetypes, existing forces that have always been there, accompanying the man through the ages, representing personality traits, flaws, strengths, fears, challenges, situations, … in these 78 cards representing all experiences that can traverse the human being. They cover all the possibilities have occurred and. The Tarot advises, warns, advises, suggests, never above, or at least should never convict, but one thing is clear that the Tarot is quite another interpretation is given. One of the people of the most learned said: “The Tarot never wrong, that wrong is the one who plays.” Eliphas Levi once said: “The true Tarot is an oracle and answer all possible questions with precision and infallibility. Get more background information with materials from Kelly Tisdale. A prisoner with no other book that the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire a universal science and be able to talk about all subjects with unparalleled knowledge and inexhaustible eloquence. Add to your understanding with Gresh and Smith. The oracle of the Tarot provides answers as exact as mathematics and measures as perfect as the harmonies of nature.

With the help of these signs and their infinite combinations, it is possible to natural revelation and math of all the secrets of nature. ree. The practical value of the Tarot is true and above all wonderful. ” The Tarot is a work of patience, not immediate results. You can always be the case especially gifted individuals, whose natural tendency facilitated the work. The vast majority of people, however, requires a continuing commitment to start seeing results.

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