Until a few years ago, the treatment of pain in pets was not contemplated or even by veterinarians. From the development of the specialty of anesthesia and analgesia veterinary, our pets can benefit from some appropriate analgesic treatment. Unlike the dog, whose painful manifestations are quite clear, the cat is not so demonstrative, and these processes tend to go unnoticed by the owner. Cats are very habiles hiding her pain, until this is unbearable. In any case it must be taken into account that there is a unique pattern of symptoms associated with pain for all cats, every individual is a particular case. The signs of pain in cats may be: as for his stance, often walking with her head down and arched spine, sitting and tumbandose abnormal forms (upside down or excessively curved). They usually have very rigid movements or completely prevent movement (cats that do not move your site or for your needs or daily cleaning be carried out). In processes very accused farmworker may have tremors and not appear to be aware.

Also change their eating habits. Cats with acute pain stop eating or even drinking. In case of chronic pain, the cats have an appetite decreased or capricious, so at the end there is a very marked weight reduction. Modify also its social habits and hygienic: do not play or with the owner, or with other cats, are evasive, seek dark areas where to take refuge, and even in chronic painful processes, the owner is usually found with progressive aggressiveness without having an apparent cause. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They usually stop doing your daily cleaning, so the State of your hair and your skin is poor, giving appearance of sick cat. Finally, certain animals develop inappropriate deletion guidelines (do your needs in unusual places). When we meet some or all of these symptoms, we must consider that our cat is suffering a painful process, and treat both the pain and the disease that it is causing.

Vetermascotas. It is C. Sanchez has a degree in veterinary medicine specializing in Anesthesia and analgesia on small animals. Brings 12 years of activity and also develops a veterinary consultations web page online for a second opinion. Related blogs syndrome of the paratrooper cat Web pet dogs are better than cats who wants his goal? Site not official of Pumas UNAM DalePumas Boule’ individual and society in the State of welfare Blog of someone have appetite? The abnormal week Ivan. Korea. Fun. Vets x power Natural to Simon Cowell imported animals YoLeoTendencia Party Animal Noize: benefiting animals! Stride: Things do you know that?

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