Certain changes that indicate that the opposition is not a monolithic block around the realization of primary for the choice of the candidate who will face Chavez 2012 have gradually noticed. Voices that arise in relation to that the next candidate should be a candidate for transition that must be supported by all parties in a species again Covenant and perform, once elected, a Government that will allow stabilizing the economic, political and social situation of the country are already having. The idea is not irrational. In my view the conditions are not right to tear us into an internal struggle of the factors of a hit by the Government and opposition by petty interests of characters who still seek to influence Government having been guilty leading this disaster that has been the management of Hugo Chavez and those responsible for. Everyone knows those are the characters, it is not necessary to mention them, but if it is necessary to say that there are still factors that refuse to carry out the changes that are needed in the Administration State and politics in order to leave behind the traditional take away your pa put me I, without thinking about the obvious needs of the collective Venezuelan. We have read the inconvenience of holding primaries without the definition of the CNE in relation to the electoral timetable, since this leaves us exposed to the whim of a few guiding aligned with the Government. information. Also, a candidate apart from the internal diatribe would unite all the factors from the beginning and would give them time to opposing factors for making a Pact of governance that will be necessary to ultra once Chavez to flee the country, as indeed it will, once the election results are known and the forces that sustain him abandon it. You will need to make political parties understand that they are about to repeat the mistake of the 2004 recall Referendum? Does it possible that older forces of political obscurantism which controlled the lives of Venezuelans and gave to the fret with the second Presidency of CAP, giving way to this? nightmare that we now call chavism? Where are the Romulo Betancourt, Rafael Caldera, Jovito Villalba, who understand that now is not their time and that they must sacrifice for the sake of first exit for this state of affairs before returning to a State of normality and political health? All are now concentrated on preparing its machinery for the primaries and the debate of whether they are or are not this year focuses its attention, without realizing that the game they are playing to the Government. .

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