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Bed planning ePlan the beds MRP system ePlan covers all aspects of the Reservation management off and can be adapt to different environments and integrate. Visual Tools and ease of use allow rapid deployment without a high learning curve. A flexible and reliable dispatch of station beds is crucial for smooth operations and cost efficiency in the clinical field. An optimal utilization of beds is an important factor for economic action of a clinic or a hospital. This is achievable only through a precise planning, reliable data and ease of use. For this purpose a maximum transparency of the current assignment, scheduled recordings, as well as reservation is extremely important. In addition the figure of heterogeneous events or other, freely configurable framework conditions that affect the distribution and allocation of beds. ePlan adapted to the daily requirements of a hospital is task-oriented.

These are a selection of the possibilities of ePlan: simple visual overview of availability for the current status and the assignment planning individual customizable structure and display options provide for a usual procedure for everyday work on the station of the occupancy status, how busy, free, locked or reserved, is shown per bed on a timeline. Color markings provide the overview at a glance consideration of additional resources such as Monitoringplatze or other measures necessary in the case integrated and direct access to the patient master data through integration with the leading data system of extensive statistical analysis of day care management system TP-VA together with the Hospital of Woltersdorf was a Web-based solution for managing geriatric day care facilities developed by. Documentation of presence and absence days, the control of transportation and the immediate availability of key figures for the hospital management has helped everyone involved to be able to perform your work better and to have more time for the essentials. Not last through the integration in the existing financial accounting system for the settlement with the health and care funds the overall process has been standardized and simplified, and successful the way the multiple data collection with several media breaks to a comprehensible and more economical process.

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