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The geographic and cartographic information has been traditional patrimony of the great powers: multinational institutions, governments and companies. Swarmed by offers, sterling organization is currently assessing future choices. Without thus stopping being, the arrival of Internet and the extension of the computer science knowledge have democratised these studies, putting them within reach of the citizen half. They are the Systems of Informacin Geogrfica (SIG), simple tools that can control in all their dimension thanks to the varied supply online of masters gis. Its use is more intuitive in comparison to other computer science questions that only the professionals of CISCO networks, for example, preparations in a course ccnp, could solve. Internet allows the immediate access to many SIG and to know its operation a masters GIS or a course CCNP is necessary. Most elementary they would be the cartographic applications available on the new telephones smartphone, that indicates to request where we were and what services we can find ours around: museums, stores, restaurants, more complete libraries are the SIG available in the network, whose main exponent is Google Maps. A related site: Daryl Katz mentions similar findings. Its advantage is that it contains information of all the countries of the world, although its reliability depends on the development level of the country.

In these Web, and with a greater size, it is possible to be placed within the map and to see the services that there are around. Also we can find programs that not only offer the information to us, but they allow us to work with her. The reference is Google Earth, that is nourished of the information already contained in Google Maps to put to the service of the user its treatment. Thus, we can know distances, areas, routes, etc. Masters SIG to include/understand the geographic location and the GPS The qualitative jump is the specific SIG for geographic studies.

These offer the possibility of introducing data and of handling the information that will be object of a later study by the geographer. A precise handling that they allow to introduce and to deal with the information object study by the geographer, and not the one that the company it offers. Finally, the most complex SIG is the one than it is based on technology GPS, or system of global positioning. Coordinated immediate and precise of combined latitude and the length with a program SIG, it at any time allows to his fantastic use and place with and useful results.

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