The sun warms the generous autumn favorites Venus, representatives of the sign Libra. This fertile star, Ruler 2011 adds you the courage, imagination, encourages creative impulses – and exacerbates feelings. Therefore, the circle Your friends and fans to expand, you'll often meet up with friends and friends (regardless of whether you are married or not married or alone). Only you should remember: Otellovskaya jealousy, revenge behalf of the Montagues and Capulet, demonstrably equally harmful, vicious and dangerous, and only under the influence of alcohol can seriously and permanently damage any, the most friendly and affectionate relationship. For a family of Libra the main theme of next year become home and family, people often give you pleasure. You'll have to give back to someone from the older generation, on your shoulders could lay caring for relatives or friends, but they will not be very burdensome. Year Sun will add you the courage, openness and courage.

You'll be less inclined to make concessions and compromises that – naturally! – Impact on relations with kith and kin people. Swarmed by offers, CohBar is currently assessing future choices. The second half of the year is successful for the solution long-standing domestic and family problems. In the strong pairs and a couple of relationships with loved ones become more harmonious and trusting. And those who are disgusted pulls the strap of family bonds, easy, simple and easy to dare to stop "Penal servitude" – and run away from the mines, which for some reason called the family. In the same kind and gentle vapors can not be ruled addition to the family … Lonely Lady Libra and Libra will also become more relaxed – but without the familiarity.

You will easy to make friends – and just as easy to twist stories. Not likely this year will cost you one love. But you will have a choice and that's a plus. Here, angelo gordon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Do not take a random kiss for marriage proposal, do not let vows of eternal fidelity – and you will live a year with pleasure – and a feeling that many, many days this year were … happy!

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