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A Bruhl is Belcura job for older job seekers on, October 18, 2011 – the employment of older workers in recent years increasingly in the focus of political discussions. So, the senior Union recently urged the introduction of an employment rate for older workers. Quite different from the General Secretary of the FDP, Christian Lindner: he is for a shorter duration of unemployment benefit for older job-seekers. Both is not sufficient for Belcura, the senior portal which sees as full service provider in the senior market. A job at, where older job-seekers enter their profiles can both offer interested companies jobs and internship opportunities for seniors, is a first step for Belcura, to create a higher confidence in the professional ability of older people on both sides. Calls by senior Union and FDP do not convince us, at least not in this form of lump-sum”, so Stefan Fandel, Managing Director of Belcura GmbH. An employment rate for seniors was at best a bad copy of a women’s, disabled or foreigner quota. When this quota was all about, even once to gain access to certain labour markets the affected groups.

However, the situation for older workers was entirely one of others. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. But today may no longer have the physical strength or the expertise currently required have older workers usually already had a certain purchase history”in the relevant professions, to meet the requirements of their jobs. Also the longer employment in certain professions due to legal age restrictions wouldn’t apply. The approach of the FDP, to shorten the period for the unemployment benefits for older workers, is also out of the question in this form. Mr. Lindner has not so far can testify, that older job-seekers actually faster Employment can be brought into”as Oliver Kraus, also Managing Director of the Belcura. “On the contrary: the longer period is required for older job seekers, because experience shows that just more need to get back in wages and bread.” Positive so Fandel and Kraus was however, that now even a discussion about older workers or job-seekers was recorded. Related Group is full of insight into the issues. It is not only welcome but absolutely necessary, that we worry about older workers and job-seekers in view of demographic developments.

We have far too long not to focus on the professional potential of older people. “But this must be done in an appropriate way and with the right instruments.” The basis for this is a corresponding culture of trust: on the one hand the company would have to rebuild more confidence in their older employees or even in the setting of older job-seekers and provide adequate funding. On the other hand, but also the older workers and job-seekers would have to strengthen their confidence in themselves and show that they are willing and able to meet the challenges of modern jobs. To request solely the companies and employees to do more, we keep for too little. Instead, both groups support need. We Belcura want to contribute our part to do this,”, so the two managing directors. This Belcura is built just a specific portal area within the platform, where both older job seekers can set your profile as well as companies specific employment or internship opportunities for seniors. Be added to this section to relevant information services relating to the employment of older workers, and also the theme of business start-ups in the age should be focused. The structure of this portal area to be completed in the first half of the year 2012.

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