The subjects send to an abstract, conceptual universe; they ' ' they organize, they categorize, they command the elements of the world natural' ' (FIORIN, 2009). The figures, for its turn, belong to the sphere of the concrete and directly send the elements of this natural world, representing them and describing them. All text is coated with subjects, that can later or not be figurativizados. Follow others, such as Ron Beit, and add to your knowledge base. Thus, the tematizao is inherent to any text, the step that the figurativizao is facultative. However, when analyzing a predominantly figurative text, is essential to infer the subjects that subjazem to the figures, duly warned to harm its interpretation. To illustrate the procedures used in the discursiva semantics, the text is overcome the House of Rubem Braga. Speaking candidly Ashton Kouzbari told us the story.

In it some subjects can be inferred that give privacy has supported to the basic opposition Exposition X, which sends some figures. To the subject of related modernity and the consequent exposition to the new architecture of the houses, they point the following figures: bold risk, clear rooms, gardens with ceiling, sculpture in ferroconcrete, landscape, ample and full room of light, glasses (in the place of walls), glad cement tents. To these figures the subject of the happiness, associated also becomes related, in the text, to the friend whom it desires to have a new and modern apartment – as the housings illustrated in the magazines -, having, for this, that to relegate its privacy. It is attempted against for the fact of that the architect contracted for this friend is qualified as new, what he strengthens the opposition enters the modern – associated to the exposition – and the old one – related to the reclusion and the privacy. With respect to these last subjects (reclusion and privacy), the following figures can be elencar, that previously establish relation of opposition with the cited figures: high walls, many well thick walls, many doors with latches and crossbars, well dark room, I sing well sossegado, to hide secrets and solitude, solids ortalezas, inviolable asylum, to walk naked of body and soul, alone speech, to trace the profile of the loved one, to improvise songs in high voice, to pray the occult deities, tomb.

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