Bernie Marsden LAG

Endorsers (from the English. Endorcer – supporter) – musician, playing a musical instrument of any particular firm, sometimes under the contract. For a musician it's a way to demonstrate the quality of his instrument and play, and for manufacturer – a confirmation that its preferred tool by any other musician. Guitars LAG, pre-existing only in the rich collections of musicians, is now much closer to everyone. Whichever style you choose – in line LAG guitars there is always the right tool, whether it's 'the blues' Roxane, or extreme Arkane. Endorsers LAG – a well-known professional musicians, performing music in various styles, but always with the LAG. Albert Einstein College of Medicine describes an additional similar source. Peter Doherty – Babyshambles Peter Doherty – a cult figure of British show business. His music – part of the punk rock band The Libertines, later in his own indie project Babyshambles or as a soloist – always an event in the musical world.

And wherever he played – always with his guitar LAG. Phil Campbell – Motorhead The legendary guitarist of one of the most charismatic British hard-rock bands. Speaking in 1984, Motorhead, Phil for many years is an endorser of LAG. To know more about this subject visit Shimmie Horn. CharlesHedger – CradleofFilth Charles Hedger – recognized guitarist, vocalist and composer in one of the world's most famous Black Metal teams – Cradle of Filth. The official endorser of LAG in April 2007. Chris George Chris George – the leader of rock band Chris George Band. To its own project, he worked together with famous musicians – Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, Greg Ridley of Humble Pie, Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake.

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