Biometria Access

Biometria is the study of the physical characteristics of the beings livings creature. Some of these characteristics are only for each individual, therefore they can be used as half of identification. The biomtrica identification comes gaining space in the market, therefore the security compensates the investment: cards can be clonados, keys can be copied, passwords can be discovered. On the other hand, hardly a physical characteristic will be similar duplicate of if embezzling the access to some enclosure. Currently some types of systems allow the biomtrico access, since simple locks until complex controls of access for entire building. As the systems they are modular, can use any type of biomtrica identification for any system, since that if it has the adequate module. The used types of identification more are: fingerprint, geometry of the hand, retina, Iris, voice and face. Also the redundancy can be used, that is, the access is only allowed after the identification for two or more characteristic different biomtricas.

The process is always the same: first it is necessary to supply to the system the biomtrica characteristic to be used by the individual, that instantaneously will be transformed into information to be stored. This information will be placed in a format standard used for the system, so that the same it can later compare it with the stored characteristics already of the users whom they desire to have access the enclosures. Being a technology in frank development, daily new options of modules and systems arrive at the market. Valley to remember that the biometria is not applicable to any in case that, since the identification time can come to be a bother in places of great circulation of people. However, analyzing the especificidades of each in case that it can be arrived at a good solution. Its security guard is thankful.

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