By the end of the school year to parents is always a question, where did the summer to send a child. I would like to bring your child rest as much as possible the health, pleasure, and, of course, developed his intellectual, creative abilities, enrich the inner world. Why, and children must stay happy holidays and then remember them for a long time. At the moment there are so many children's summer camps in different parts of the world! We want to tell you about the rest in summer camps near Moscow. Children's camp "Salute" and "Pakhra" located on the banks of the river, surrounded by forests. Ecologically clean area, fresh air, what could be better! Why send a child one far from Moscow, and in the suburbs when he can have a great holiday, especially with health benefits! Summer holidays should be rich and interesting to your child gained strength in the long nine months.

In children's camps, children spend holidays in a comfortable environment with a varied and interesting leisure activities. We aim to work to ensure that life in the camp was intense for everyone, try to involve the child in a creative activities, to develop his abilities and interests, improve their health. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with rusty holzer. Sports competitions and games in the fresh air contribute to a great mood all day, and evening concerts and disco for a long time remembered by the children. During the summer campaign of 2010 the camp will work on thematic programs: "The military-patriotic change", "Peace and the house where we live," "Festival, art, anniversary," "Sports life" … Teachers our project team – a professional team of like-minded teachers who create all necessary conditions for the rest of the child.

The camp administration attaches great importance to the selection of leaders. In the spring declares a set of studies carried out and further and further training of teachers. Children's camp counselors are trying to develop children's abilities, allows you to select those activities that they like. Various circles and sections of the teachers help children to unlock the creative potential, broaden my horizons, learn something new. Qualified teachers and counselors with experience will not leave your children unattended, so you can rest, sending a child to a children's summer camp. Children's summer camp near Moscow have everything you need for a rest: comfortable rooms, athletic fields, gymnasium, concert hall, computer room, table tennis, billiards, organized beach. Holidays spent in the suburbs, like not only kids, but teenagers are children gain new experiences, find new friends, learn a new way! AND You, dear parents, because the camps are located near Moscow, will be able to visit your child when you want! And do make sure that he spends his time well and is a great alternative to a vacation, held in Moscow!

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