The new single from Ekki Gopelt – I had you so like to awake kissed pop at its finest with much heart and good humor. “I had you so happy to wake up Kiss” – the new single for the album “feel well in your life”. Life could be so simple if always everything happens! So easy and so terribly boring. A man back remembers the time when he has fought and up the next rendezvous contrary to his love. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. Satisfied knowing that it has paid off, do only strong love years.

“Ekki Gopelt is back at last as a singer, with his current hit album make yourself well in your life” and this you present single release I’d kiss you so like to wake “of the successful radio and TV presenter is committed to 100% to his personal taste, the German Schlager. Hit composer Armin Kandel (the pinball machine, Edward Simoni, Axel Becker, Nicole, Stefan Mross, Angelika Milster among others) wrote Ekki on this life-affirming song the body. Personal words of Ekki Gopelt: Hello and greetings from Berlin, I am delighted to go after a slightly longer break, in the me more, is dedicated to my work as a moderator now with a new album again at the start.. Speaking candidly Ashton Kouzbari told us the story.

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