Chrilla: The New Game – Web Site For Girls!

a fun and free game Web page the numerous games find on Chrilla a large and full selection of Flash games. There are more than 100 games and all of them are to the makeup and fashion. All games are distributed in different categories and according to specific topics on the page: the make-up, beauty, manicure, the stars and the pedicure. The rubric calls on like you to the beauty, to try for the make-up of your figure. Here, you can give your personal touch to his appearance. Make your Chrilla figure thanks to jewels, accessories and various beauty products look beautiful! The rubric for the make-up offers a collection of various games. It, as you want to try you on the style of the make-up, you can discover the ways.

Makeup after the clothing trend of the figures: Indian fashion, Asian or African, dress – up for parties or promotions. You try to make a nice manicure work: realistic manicure game. Speed game and Asian manicure! Take everything in your hand! To present you with the world of fashion, you can practice in the management and leadership of beauty salons: make the hairstyles, the manicure and pedicure original, different facial… You are responsible of the look of the biggest stars: you must help them to wear good clothes and customized accessories. Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Zac Efron, Tokio Hotel, Brad Pitt! Discover you also the dressing suffering game with Hayden Pannettiere… Free game Web page! You can play at about 100 Flash games for girls. All games are completely free and accessible from your browser with no download. You use any online registration.

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