Christmas Holidays

Always the same thing happens when they pass these Christmas holidays, we weigh us on the scale and we horrorizamos us. It is time to put to intensive diet to eliminate all excess, so the best thing you can do is start a healthy cleansing diet. In order to debug effectively, you must follow a series of healthy tips, patience and not wanting to delete all retained within a few days. The tips that follow are: take plenty of water, approximately 2 liters per day. It is a good way to hydrate the body and helping to eject the retained fluid. Eat 5 times or more a day. So we accelerate metabolism and begin to burn calories from first thing in the morning. Do some exercise, if it can be in the morning.

So we activate the body and blood circulation, important for weight loss. A depurative diet. A diet that contains fruit such as pineapple is beneficial to remove liquids. In addition, the cleansing diet often come in handy, not only for your health but to your mind, as it contains light foods, which insurance you’ve missed during these holidays (in all ways, first consultation with your doctor of general medicine which you guide). Know where you can reach: lose the holiday pounds tends to be easy, because such is stomach ache we carry that, as little as we do, we cannot remain as before. Now, don’t you think that it will always be so. A point in which you will have to return to a normal diet, controlled by your doctor will reach. With all these tips, sure that very soon you will be able to look the figure you had before these Christmas holidays. You’ll see that you is not as heavy as you thought you did. Date time and not too many excesses you return to comerter!

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