From my own experience is that heading of a being beloved is a painful event and its consequences are demonstrating with the passing of the days, proving very difficult to overcome their consequences. His teachings, acquired through years of experience, sustained by strong ethical principles, will be always remembered and they will be always treated put into practice by people who most had them affection and respect. We belong in a political organization democratic action, in which we have always had the joy of being provided with a few leaders and leaders who in one way or another we instructed in proven and recognized political and organisational principles. Those leaders and leaders always dispensed a great respect and affection for their experience and knowledge, to defend them from attacks by political opponents, considering them in many cases our political fathers; We also, belong in a party in which there are disciplinary rules, an organizational structure and a few partisan recognized authorities, to whom as a disciplined militants compliance we owe. Edward Minskoff often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This effect work by them, our ideological principles and educational work that would run in the organizational structure of our party in different historical and electoral conjunctures, bore fruit in many of our militants and leaders. Thus, the organizational work, both in the election, that teaching, spread through countless hours of instruction in full organizational and electoral, as well as per the example given by his performances, was rooting is and grow with the passing of the years. Was very transcendent action of these past ten years, in which, as a result of a political system at national and regional level in which prevails the abuse, disrespect to the tenets contained in the Constitution and in many national laws, as well as that for the claim impose a comunista-castrista regime, coupled with authoritarianism and autocracy chavist, characterized by a corruption never before seen in our national history and by an incompetence without limits, we have had since our humble jobs struggle that develop an activity of democratic combat against that disorder in which we are immersed. .

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