Complaint Order Proposal

The daily bustle requires us constantly to meet objectives and tasks that we cannot achieve and perform in isolation. We must live together with others, reconciling expectations, resources and availability. The satisfaction of our needs will depend on the possibility of resolving conflicts. It costs us face obstacles due to lack of a common model of analysis and resolution that will allow us to lower the anxieties and achieve make synthesis, arrive at conclusions and realize projects in different social situations of everyday life. If we all want to be right, if we do not understand us, if (DIS) qualify, the tasks are sterilized and projects failing. The idea of this writing is to present a working model that serves as organizing reference.

It is simply a tool of task for groups. You can avoid trying to do everything at the same time (complain, ask, propose) and prevent objections of the type: * I don’t understand what you’re asking * you quejas but you do not propones * you put applicant * if you does not provide a (solution, then form part of the problem 1) about the complaint the complaint seems built-in to our idiosyncrasy. It is easy to support the bandoneon in the knee and complain, but we agree that the complaint does not transform, does not produce big changes. It causes the subject feelings of anger or sadness and attitudes of aggressiveness or passivity. However, complain is cathartic. Proof of this are the cacerolazos, applause, honking, chants, slogans, banners, popular assemblies, etc., with which we are daily. The idea is then: open the book of complaints and complain about wanting, with anger, sadness, without guilt or adjectivations addressed to oneself or to others.

We do not lack complain. By way of slogan: don’t complain if it does not complain. Come to complain.

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