Crisis And Life Partner

Crises are somewhat normal in the life of couples. More importantly, how we deal with those moments that live in the relationship. Some of these crises, can lead to a strengthening of the bond of affection, however, at other times, it can lead to rupture and separation of the couple. The couple and their relationship is a way of life and is therefore a situation in which two people coexist in intimate way. Edward Minskoff brings even more insight to the discussion. There are many factors that can lead to experience a crisis in the couple. Crisis means a problem or situation that is a process in which there is a detonator of the same and that comes at a time of increased tension, and once, resolved, not back to normal, but that we are on the couple in a different way. Yes I’ve suffered a disappointment by some behavior of my partner, probably because I not see the same way, neither my partner, to me nor to the relationship. In other words, to solve a crisis, amending our ways we relate.

Such modifications may be positive or negative. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn. Perhaps, against disillusionment I leave certain expectations, or possibly me resent and step all the time of the relationship being billed to my partner, that situation I can not overcome. Crisis force to cope with a problem, a rift or a situation. For example, a change of address, can create a crisis in the relationship, also the birth of a child, the economic situation, infidelity, heartbreak, deception, etc. However, there are certain situations that lead to keep the couple in permanent crisis when they are unable to provide a solution to their difficulties. In this case, couples become dysfunctional and full of pain. You need to have clarity on what those aspects of life as a couple we are not solving background. And instead, fight for everything, the way talk bothers us, irritates us what the couple tells us, or we stay in a pitiful silence, but we don’t talk about our real conflicts. It is important that we are honest in time to tackle the issue of the couple, but it is a reality, it is that it is required to overcome the crises and problems or conflicts that both members of the couple have interest in solving, change and give a twist to the relationship.

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