Delicious Thuringian Cuisine

No Star kitchen – but down to Earth, rich in content and above all tasty Thuringian cuisine mainly very hearty and delicious dishes waiting. She is very meat-heavy, and some dishes could spread even nationally. The Thuringian sausages are known for their high quality and good taste. (Similarly see: Edward J. Minskoff Equities). You must examine the reasons for the ribaldry in the past as the daily food had to have a high energy value, so that could be dealt with primarily heavy work in the agriculture, mining and forestry. There also regional differences in individual dishes, and also certain dishes which are prepared only in certain regions but in Thuringia kitchen. So looking for the Mutzbraten in southern Thuringia in vain. For more information see this site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The Thuringian dumplings, however, are probably brought in almost every household in the State on the table.

Usually on Sundays and public holidays, along with a delicious roast with plenty of sauce. Worldwide popularity is likely the Thuringian Sausage have attained. It is a good example of the differences in regional manufacturing. North of the Rennsteig, the so-called roster dominated, South of there is the Thuringian bratwurst in a form that is closer to the Franconian bratwurst. However, the respective recipes of the local butcher masters are a well-kept secret. The Thuringian not grilling his bratwurst, by the way – it is not grilled on the barbecue, but roasted on the charcoal grill.

Gas Grill or electric Grill are frowned upon. In addition to the sausage comes also the Thuringian Rostbratel on the grill, or in restaurants in the Pan, to be served with fried potatoes. The Thuringian Rostbratel is a slice of pork, inserted days before cooking in a BREW of beer, mustard, onion, pepper and salt – it makes the typical taste of the Thuringer Rostbratels. In the course of time, but also foreign courts have found access to Thuringian cuisine n. The originally from the Russian-speaking world, Solyanka is cooked like in different variants. From the bakery an onion tart – comes in Thuringia, sometimes one of the few regional peculiarities seen in Thuringian bakery. Otherwise, the Thuringian bake what you could get outside of Thuringia. Peter Saeed

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