Fernando Alexis Jimenez Concurria to a meeting of pastors and leaders in Circacia, a beautiful and picturesque village in the center of Colombia. Cold, quiet, Nice. Joyful greetings. Joy of reunited with other cbaptism in the preaching of the Gospel, after a long time. Expectation for conferences that are upcoming. A deep yearning receive building, leaving renewed one retirement and go to share with our brothers in faith, a renewed word of power, that will impact their lives. Something that powerfully attracted my attention and those who we were there, was a group of Christian ministers coming from the most recondite places. Some had traveled almost twenty-four hours, by rivers and mountains, to be quoted in the camp.

The reason? They spent good time on her knees, in prayer. Persevering, without losing one minute. Even a second. They were in the presence of the Lord! Mostly not had opportunity to attend the biblical seminar to studying the career of theology; Moreover, they spoke with errors, unadorned, and perhaps frightened by his spelling. But here is the but had a lot of God! I admit, rather than us, even.

They preached with power. Imposed hands and healed the sick. They were tremendously blessed. The demons were fleeing in his presence! Unlike many of those who we were gathered, these preachers had no knowledge of theology but rather of God and living in its dimension, moving with power, anointing and authority. The big difference prayer makes a big difference. Who spends time in the presence of God, takes hold in the anointing, power and spiritual authority. Moves in a different dimension: the dimension of the Lord in which great things occur. Wonderful facts, inconceivable miracles for human logic. It is essential that we consider today the unlimited move of our loving heavenly father on and through whom you seek and they remain in his presence in prayer.

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