Direction Needs Vision

This fourth stage poses a particularly difficult challenge if the short-term sacrifices entail a loss of jobs. Gaining the support and understanding is very difficult when staff reductions are part of the shear. For this reason, the changes that get the good results usually incorporate new opportunities for growth and a commitment to deal fairly with anyone who is fired. Managers who can communicate well incorporate messages into their routine activities. Thus, in a routine discussion about a business problem, explain the how they fit or not, the overview of proposed solutions. Transformation efforts in the most successful executives taking advantage of all existing communication channels to convey the vision. Transform dull company newsletters, which nobody reads and make them lively articles about vision.

Give new life to the tedious rituals and quarterly meetings of the direction, transforming them into exciting debates about the transformation. Get rid of a lot of classical training programs of the company and replaced with updated courses focusing on business issues and the new vision. The guiding principle is simple: use all possible channels, especially those that were previously wasted. Do not!: Lack of a plan to get good results in the short term. The real transformation takes time, and runs the risk that the renovation project to lose its momentum, if there is no short-term goals to reach and celebrate. Without short-term successes, many give up or actively join the resistance. It is possible to observe the successful introduction of new products or has been an increase in market share.

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