Dog Training

The concept of training – very capacious, here you can turn all that relates to education and training dogs. Training a puppy begins as soon as you bring him home. Immediately determine where to "place" the dog, where you'll be his feed, make a schedule of feeding. An important point in the training of dogs is the persistence necessary to enforce the team, no matter how long it did not take. At the initial stage of training a puppy should look like as a game for each executed command encourage puppy some delicacy.

Violence and negative emotions are not valid, you can injure the psyche of a dog, it can become a coward. And you need to ensure that the dog execute commands with pleasure, and without fear that you hit her. Teams must be pronounced correctly, the team can not alter or add to it other words. For example, the command "lie down", should not sound like "lie down" or "go Lie down. " Much attention is paid tone of voice, the team should sound confident and clear. And another important point is, what training of dogs can do without penalty. The punishment should be carried out at a time when puppy made unwanted effect is completely useless to punish for past escapades. Do not use violence, and the dog will see you as the abuser. Dog training is not so easy to work, so if you feel that you can not cope with raising your dog, leave teaching her friend the art. Well, if you feel the strength, go ahead.

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