Dutch Republic

Wide fame have Talers German Empire and the Dutch Republic. Meanwhile, Talers preferred to use as counting units, both for average and for small coins (pennies, Poltorak, solid). More than 2 centuries, it was possible to buy thalers on sustainable price, taking into account the majority of quality standards, but the lowest rated with no time to lose value, and as a consequence of one-odinehonek thaler they had to be more and more. his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Also, you have the opportunity to buy Talers using our website. But the data tell you about the time of ducats, gold coins, issued in 1284 in Venice.

The emergence of gold coins is directly related to economic recovery, to be precise, it needs well-born trade, which were unable to meet at that time depreciated denarius. For the first time, ducats went into circulation in the middle of the 13 century north Italian provinces: Florence, Genovino (Genoa), Venice. The first Venetian gold coins weigh a lot more, unlike Florence, but after awhile they began to have the same weight – 3.5 gram sample in 23 seconds half-carat. Then it began to call their ducats. Some believe that such a name formed from the coin of the last word on the front side of a coin. But already in 16 century ducat was called sequins. In addition to the name ducat remained almost throughout Europe and identify the gold coin, eventually displacing the name of the florin. And in modern times in Europe, most gold coins minted in accordance with the model ducats, that even once his undeniable popularity.

To date, buy ducats 14-15 century will be quite difficult, rather than advanced, not only because of their high prices, but also very impressive rarity. Buy ducats you can the collectors, professionals, banks, on the black market or try to order on our sayte. up all the above, we note that the purchase ducats – the best solution for the novice coin collector, who did not wait to collect your personal collection of various coins. These exquisite coins serve as an excellent starting point for your collection, including the call will be fun to look, and especially well to encourage further the collection.

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