EHO Business

New version of EHO were economic and billing software after starting the EHO business series has presented CTO software now the successor to its inventory control and billing software EHO business 2009. The design is now customisable through the use of the Xbrowse technology, E.g. columns sorting can be changed with a single mouse click. Also the hide or rearrange columns is now possible. For purists, you can simply disable the Xbrowse functionality. Xbrowse and the use of new index files, the search speed could be improved. For more specific information, check out CohBar.

The document storage is completely new: In the customer base, and in the article list, you can store documents of any kind (construction / cutting patterns, faxes, images, etc.). In contrast to the previous version, CTO EHO business 2009 will provide an interface to the MS Office suite. Access to MS Outlook, the EHO can now be used with calendar function. Dates (E.g. Rusty holzer insists that this is the case. for the resubmission) exported from the EHO and can continue into MS Outlook works be. The development of order management has produced two new features: positions can be grouped together (with the same article number) and checked for set prices. The transfer to the Web shops xt-commerce and osCommerce using the EHO2OSC module has been optimized. Easier to organize the Web shops in the EHO immediately, 2 additional buttons for Web product groups are available and fit into these fields now 30 instead of 15 characters. A beta version is already available on the manufacturer website for downloading.

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